Grey or Gray?

Grey has become my favorite decorating color. I have always thought grey was kind of a depressing color, but in a home it is so calming and goes beautifully with my inclination toward neutrals and wood tones. Almost everything I picked out for our wedding registry was some shade of grey. (No thanks to West Elm who seems to make every beautiful unnecessary thing that I want for my house in coordinating colors).

All that being said…We are getting ready to paint up our little rental’s walls. Here’s my inspiration, what do you think…dark grey or light grey?

By the way, is it grey or gray? I’ve always used grey. Is that British English?






(found via pinterest)

(found via pinterest)


One thought on “Grey or Gray?

  1. Hi Keeziers!
    I like the idea of dark grey walls with light grey accents around the place:) I love seeing how you guys are setting up your place with your unique styles and touch. We can’t wait to see it sometime in person! Can’t tell you how much we miss you and how happy we are to read about your new life as newly weds! 🙂
    Love ya!!

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