Free is best

Since we are just starting our little lives together we are definitely starting from scratch. Craigslist can be a challenge since we live in a small town about 30 miles from all the listings. We don’t have family on the island to acquire things from, so each piece that comes into our home we see as a divine act from God :). Literally. We are so thankful for free furniture… Now our total furniture count is four: couch, bed, table, and tv. Not only are we blessed to have a functioning piece of furniture, we can also make it completely our own. This table was snatched from an abandoned work site that Ashton was working on and I saw all the potential that it had! Here’s what it took to turn our little box store ugly table into a rustic(ish) beach house table:

1. Sand that baby down (thanks to Ashton’s mad skills)
2. Throw rocks at it and scrape it with sticks. Yes we did. We had to get it roughed up somehow… All though the neighbors probably thought we were a bit crazy.
3. Spray paint the legs- Krylon, Ivory primer and paint in one.
4. Stain the top- A drift wood colored stain left over from helping our friends redo their floors

VOILA. That’s it. $5.67 later… You have yourself a little rustic table. Now, if we only had chairs….



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