Let the recaps begin: Engagement

So lets start off where I dropped off the face of the earth for a few months.  On July 12, 2011 Ashton asked me to marry him!

the rings (benj haisch photography)

How it happened:

It was the night before we were going to fly out to Idaho to see our parents.  I was stressing out with all the things I needed to do before our trip so Ashton had me go home to pack and said he would pick me up in an hour.  When he came to pick me up he was so patient with me and suggested that we go get coffee and have a mellow night together before we have to travel.  Before we left he said he had to “run into the house to get something” and asked me to wait in the car.  As I sat there waiting for him, he texted me to come in really quick to help him.

When I walked through the gate, the walkway was blocked with a blanket hanging from the close line.  My heart was pounding! When I pulled back the blanket he was kneeling there in the middle of this beautiful set up.  He had built a wooden walkway lined with candles and made a sign hanging from bamboo poles that said “Babe, will you marry me?”  I froze and couldn’t even come to him! When he motioned me to come to him, he told me some really sweet  things that I will spare you all from hearing ;).  I hardly remember the rest, except for feeling so incredibly excited, in love, and honored that Ashton McNab would ask ME to be his wife.

Opened this a week after getting engaged...SO true


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